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The GNI Veterinary CT-scanner has been developed and designed to improve the diagnosis for smaller animals such as dogs, cats and exotic pets. The target users are medium-sized to larger veterinary clinics and hospitals with a weekly need down to 1 CT-scannings. The GNI CT-scanner is an affordable investment for most veterinary clinics and hospitals, and the CT-scanner is installed in a matter of hours in a standard clinic room without any preparations. The CT-scanner is easy to operate, and a veterinarian with X-ray experience will performe CT-scannings the same day the CT-scanner is installed. The GNI Veterinary CT-scanner is delivered with a X-ray cabinet, and therefore the veterinarian can stay close to the animal while CT-scanning and the veterinarian should not secure a special room in regard to radiation.



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    Fabrikant/ Producent

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