Cortex Technology has specialized in a number of unique techniques developed for skin applications, which has materialized in four product families:
•DermaScan C: High resolution ultrasound scanners for skin applications. •DermaLab Series: A range of instruments targeting skin research labs as well as aesthetic clinics.
•DSM II ColorMeter: Instruments for measuring skin color, erythema and melanin.
•DermaLab® Series Multi Parameter Units: A complete and powerfull skin analysis system operated by a wirelessly connected tablet PC. This unit can be freely configured with the following parameters: Skin high res. ultrasound, TEWL, elasticity, hydration, sebum, skin melanin and erythema, skin pH, temperature as well as a skin video scope.

•CryoPro: A complete range of liquid nitrogen based cryosurgical units and accessories. As a leading manufacturer of such devices we are dedicated to safety and high product quality. Accordingly, all products are manufactured and tested in accordance with current quality and safety standards.Products are among other places used by Dermatologis, Universities, Test Labs, Cosmetic -and cosmeceutical industry, in Clinics and in shops.

Yderligere informationer

  • 11 – 50
    Antal ansatte
  • 90%
    % omsætning til eksport
  • 5.000 K€ - 9.999 K€
  • Etableringsår 1985
  • Virksomhedens art Virksomhedens art Hovedsæde, Moderfirma
  • Hovedaktivitet Hovedaktivitet Fabrikant/ Producent
Markeder og handelsområder

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Billeder indrykket af denne virksomhed
  • DermaLab USB Single parameter Solution
  • CRYO PRO for cryo Surgery
  • DermaLab Combo
Nøgleord i forbindelse med denne virksomhed
  • Kosmetikindustrien - maskiner og udstyr
  • High Frequency Ultra Sound Skinanalyzer for Clinics
  • CryoSurgery
  • Skin Analyzing
  • DermaLab
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